About Us

The Antwerp based Tachkemoni School is a Jewish school with a tradition. Founded in 1920, this institution has taught numerous kids and youngsters the values of Judaism and the love of Erets Israel. That’s why Judaism is one of the subjects at school, and the Jewish Holidays are respectfully observed, according to the orthodox tradition. Every Jewish student finds his place in our school, and whether he’s religious, traditional or secular, he will learn to be proud of his Jewish identity.

Tachkemoni is a modern institution, recognized and subsidised by the Flemish Ministry of Education. It aims at the completion of the program prescribed by the Ministry, the so called “final terms” , necessary to get a recognized diploma, are a main goal of the school. Stronger students find a challenge in our school, while the weaker students , who face difficulties in learning, are supported and accompanied in order to obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to eventually get their diploma.

Secular subjects are taught in Dutch, Jewish subjects in modern Hebrew. The level of Hebrew is very high, resulting in the fact that whoever wants to complete his studies in Israel, can easily do so.

There is a cosy, familiar and warm atmosphere at Tachkemoni, where everybody knows each other.

The parents belong to the Jewish community “Shomre Hadas” and many students go tothe youth movements “Hanoar Hatzioni” or “Bne Akiva”.

The main goal of our school is to warmly and kindly help our children to develop into happy “Menschen” , well prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.


Big improvement are achieved in small steps:

In our school, children learn playfully using materials and activities that are adjusted specifically to their needs and individual level of development.

Activities are organized in an open supportive group discussion and brainstorming:  the development of mathematical initiation, developing the foundation for reading and writing, listening and speaking,  resisting stress, working independently and together guaranty  that children within the kindergarten individuality acquire the necessary skills that they will need later starting in first grade.


Kids have a positive attitude by nature, which encourages them to constantly explore and expand their world. This attitude is the core of every growth. The goal of our project is to lay the foundation for our students to develop from student to adult. To evolve to adults with a fundamental eagerness to learn and a critical state of mind, who will make independant and responsible wise choices regarding their role in the society they are part of. At the same time, our children will also own the necessary knowledge, values and skills to have an understanding of and to actively participate in the social and religious life of the Jewish community.


The Secondary School is divided into “Middenschool” and “Atheneum”.

After Primary School the boys and girls arrive at the “Middenschool”. There, they can discover their talents, points of interest, motivation and limitations. Hence, they can choose between Math-Science, Economics-Modern Languages or Humane Sciences as different sections in the “Atheneum”.

Tachkemoni is a so called ASO School, meaning it prepares its students for higher levels of education in Belgium or abroad.

Every two years, the students of the third grade participate in “The March of the Living”: they first visit interesting Jewish sites and various reminders of the Shoah in Poland, and then fly to Israel where they celebrate “Yom Ha’ atzmaut”.

Remembrance of the Shoah and its numerous victims, also in our school, of which many students and teachers were murdered, is of course one of the main items at Tachkemoni.